Tasting Classes

In fruit and vegetable tastings, children use all of their senses to explore different varieties of fruits or vegetables that they may not have had the opportunity to eat at home. Whether it’s crunchy sunflower sprouts, the surprise magenta inside a blood orange, or the wonder of realizing that raisins come from grapes, students discover for themselves that “real” foods do make delicious healthy snacks. Download a sample tasting lesson: Salad Tasting: Grades 2-3

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Exploring Fruits and Vegetables
Tastings are designed to work in one hour and require no cooking. Classroom teachers can easily teach these classes using lesson plans, letters from farmers, food history, and nutrition information provided in our free lessons.

Students read, draw, taste, and write about different varieties of fruits or vegetables, such as apples, grapes and raisins, pears, citrus fruits, peas, root vegetables, melons, and salad greens. They learn to articulate similarities and differences, employ descriptive language, expand vocabulary, and explore choice and personal preference.

Using Locally Grown Produce in the Classroom
Whenever possible, Cooking with Kids uses regionally grown produce in season, supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.